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Perhaps not the first place people think of when they list wine producing countries, but the USA is actually the 4th biggest wine producer in the world behind France, Italy and Spain. The great temperatures and abundance of diverse terrains across America make for a large range of varying and distinctive wines of all types and styles.

If you are a fan of wines from the USA and are looking to stock up or are interested in trying something new then Mulkerns Wines have a wide assortment of great quality, affordable wines available to buy online with delivery throughout Ireland.

About Wines From The USA

America has been making wine for centuries since the first vines were introduced in the 16th century by European settlers and an impressive 11,000,000 acres of US soil is currently dedicated to wine grapes. Although most of the countries wine comes from areas with the warmer climates, there are wineries throughout the whole of America with at least one in every state. The varied conditions and terrain make for some very distinctive and interesting wines from the sweet wines cultivated in Alabama’s hot Southern climate to the fruity wines from the cold region of Alaska.

There are 5 main states however where wine production plays a significant role – California, Virginia, Oregon, Washington and New York. California is well known across the world for its wine and is where almost 90% of the counties wine is produced including some famous name brands.

Buy American Wine Online

At Mulkerns Wines, we stock a wide range of top quality, affordable American wines with delicious reds, whites and rosés to suit everyone’s taste and budget. From something for special occasions, parties and weddings to gifts and every day table wines, we have a great variety to choose from.

If you are looking to purchase some American wine but need help on food pairings or advice on what might be best suited to your palate, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our wine experts will be happy to help.


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