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The land of a thousand flavours, Australia’s varying climates produce an abundance of diverse wines from deep, fruity reds and vibrant chardonnays to delicate Moscato’s and more. Australia is not to be underestimated when it comes to their wines and has established an ever increasing reputation for being one of the world’s most powerful wine producers, delivering a wide range of high quality and innovative wines styles.

Whether you are looking for a complementary wine to pair with dinner, a bottle for a special occasion, to restock your wine rack or expand your collection, we have a great selection of competitively priced Australian wine varieties, available for delivery straight to your door.

Winemaking Down Under

One of the world’s largest exporters of wine, approximately 800 million litres of Australia’s annually produced 1.3 billion is exported to overseas markets, contributing significantly to the Australian economy through not only production, export and sales but employment and tourism as well.

There is also a huge domestic market for Australian wine with the natives showing a strong preference for the wine from their homeland over imports from other countries and consuming approximately 500 million litres annually.

Although Australia is often best known for its Shiraz, the varying climates, soils and landscapes mean that there is an abundance of varietals and blends from cool weather grapes like Pinot Noir and Riesling to Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon that thrive in the warmer, dryer climates.

There is also lot of excitement around Australian wines, where winemakers push the boundaries of what is expected and combine old traditions with new, innovative techniques to create unique, non-traditional varieties that are becoming increasingly popular and sought after.

Buy Australian Wine Online

At Mulkerns, we believe that our range of quality Australian wines provides something for every occasion and budget including;

  • Fine wines produced by highly talented Australian winemakers
  • Great quality, affordable Australian Table wines
  • The chance to explore alternative Australian wines from smaller / boutique wineries
  • An assortment of tastes and styles from the classic to contemporary
  • Wines for your budget from single bottles for a celebration or gift to cases of well-priced wines suitable for barbecues, weddings and parties

If you are unsure of which Australian wine is best suited for your needs or need help, guidance and advice on food pairing or anything to do with your purchase then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help you.


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