Italy is renowned for making a wide variety of great quality wines that are perfect for every occasion. From full bodied reds for Sunday roast with the family to fresh, fruity whites for pizza night with friends and everything in between, Italy has a wine for everyone.

Our Italian wine online store has a great selection of different wines of various types, styles and price ranges so there is something for every meal, event and celebration.

About Wines From Italy

Famous the world over for their amazing cuisine, it’s no surprise that Italy developed incredible wine to accompany their great food and that it has become something that they are known for.

Italy’s wine making regions are some of the world’s oldest and have produced some exceptional wines over the years. Every single one is unique depending on the grape that they came from, the terrain the vines grew in, how long they were aged and even what they were aged in. To date the wine making industry in Italy is rich, diverse and known around the world for their high quality products with distinctive flavours and styles.

With grapes growing in virtually every region of Italy, there are over a million vineyards spread across the country. By volume, Italy is the largest producer of wines in the world, making approximately 50 million hl a year which is around a third of the entire global wine production.

Buy Italian Wine Online

From affordable Italian table wines and celebratory bottles of fizz to sultry deep reds, fresh, clean whites and fruity rosés – at Mulkerns Wines we have a wide range of top quality wines to suit everyone’s budget.

If you are looking to order Italian wine online but have questions or need help and advice on food pairings and flavour profiles, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our wine specialists will be happy to help.


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