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When most people think of countries that produce great wine, it’s not long before France springs to mind! French wine is incredibly popular and well respected across the globe. Whether it’s down to the skills of the winemakers, the terroir in which the wine is produced, the climate or a combination of factors – the reputation the French have as world leaders of fine wine is well earned.

From deep, hearty reds and dry whites to fresh, fruity rosés and sparkling champagnes, there are so many great wines to choose from that it can be hard to decide. Our French wine specialists have carefully hand selected each and every variety listed on our online shop to deliver a wide range of fabulous wines for every budget and occasion.

Winemaking In France

The world’s top exporter of wine, France boasts a rich heritage in winemaking that goes back centuries.

To date Frances grapevines cover a remarkable 750,000 hectares of land, which to put into perspective is the equivalent of 1 million rugby pitches. From big wine producers to independent, family run and boutique vineyards, over 12.2 million ‘hectolitres’ of wine are produced in France every year made up of almost 3,000 varieties.

All these numbers are impressive in themselves but there’s a reason why France is known for its wine and why it is so high in demand and that is one simple thing – the taste. For centuries, the grapevines that occupy much of France have been expertly cultivated, nurtured and refined to produce some of the best, most diverse and celebrated wines in the world.

How To Choose French Wine To Buy Online

One of the things that people outside of France can find difficult when it comes to choosing French wine is understanding their wine labels and this is largely due to their appellation system.

The Appellation d’origine contrôlée as it is called, or ‘AOC’, has special laws which dictate how and where wine can be made in specific regions which is designed to protect and preserve the prestige, heritage and origins of its wines.

When trying to decipher a French wine bottle, remember that they label their wines by region and not the variety of grape so the clue as to what grapes are used can be found by the name of the wine appellation.

French wines produced outside of this system are known as Vin de France wines which forgo the prestigious label that comes with working with the AOC in order to have the freedom to experiment with their wines, often with superb results.

If you are looking to buy French wine online but don’t know what to choose then get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help talk you through the options and answer any questions you may have.


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